In 2005, we started out as a Tulsa advertising and marketing firm. As our clients’ needs grew, so did we. And over the last decade, we’ve become the full-service marketing firm you see today.

If you want the secret to aging gracefully, ask a Hollywood doctor. If you want to know what’s kept Effessgee Enterprises going all these years, the answer’s simple: work ethic. Marketing firms  are everywhere, and it seems most of them want you to believe that all you have to do is plug in your variables to their system and great ideas will come out the other side.

False. One-size-fits-all marketing doesn’t look good on anyone, so don’t even waste your time trying it on.

Great marketing ideas are absolutely possible, but the only way to find them is by rolling up your sleeves. By digging deep into a client’s business until you fully understand where they’re coming from, what they want to accomplish and what they’re up against. It’s called strategy. Where insight and experience combine to provide a clear direction for everything that follows.

Sure we’re creative; we’ve got results to prove it. But pretty pictures and witty headlines don’t mean a thing if they don’t serve a higher purpose. At Effessgee Enterprises, we’re not going to put an idea in front of you unless it’s backed by insight. It’s how we bring value to every one of our clients, big or small.

Our squad of creative minds will be ready to take your project and make it look and sound better than you ever thought it could. Some people say “perfectionism” like it’s a bad thing, but we say you should never settle for “good enough.” Especially when it comes to your brand.

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